About Nero Ambra

NeroAmbra selects and proposes a wide range of typical high quality Liqueurs and Grappas, following up closely the entire production process, starting from natural ingredients- all coming from the almost uncontaminated territory of Sardinia, the enchanted island of Italy. At NeroAmbra, the commitment to the constant search for the best quality products is combined with the utmost respect for the environment.


Created by Luigi Poscia in November 2019, NeroAmbra was born from the long tradition of the Poscia family in the field of trade in spirits and liqueurs.

The Poscia family began its production in the early 1900’s in the Treviso province, which is indeed the cradle of the well-known Venetian tradition in distillation and liqueurs production. In the second half of the 1900s, the family moved to Sardinia, in search for the aromas and perfumes offered by such a great natural treasure chest.
Hence, the exaltation of wild fruits aromatic essences of the native vines whereby their pomace comes from: Cannonau, Moscato, Vermentino, Nuragus, Monica, Malvasia, Carignano, Mirto Rosso and Mirto Bianco.

Currently, the products released on the market are five, with other other four on the way. NeroAmbra offers a range of products representing both the family’s renewed attention to quality and the original production techniques from their tradition, which over the years received numerous awards and recognitions, such as the international awards as “Acqueviti D’Oro” (2006, 2007).


Raffinata – Grappa of Cannonau Amber
Gentile – Grappa from the Moscato Passito of Cagliari
Selvatico – Bitter of Myrtle
Intrigante – Licorice Liqueur
Intenso – Myrtle Liqueur

Both the processing and the selected natural ingredients make these products suitable for the most sophisticated clientsor, simply, of enthusiastpalates.

Our Mission is to make our customers feelexceptional satisfaction when tasting our liqueurs and grappas. With just a sip, taste buds discover the best feeling natural ingredients, quality, the Sardinian territory.

REFINED - Cannonau Grappa Ambrata

Grappa di Cannonau Ambrata - Raffinata

42,50 €

Natural Ingredients: selected grapes from the Cannonau variety
Dinstillation Technique: slow and
indirect steam bain-marie Flavor: soft, envelopping and penetrating persistent spiced aroma with a dried fruit flavor
Alcoholic Content: 41%/Volume –
50 cl
Best Served: 8-10° C
Description: Our Cannonau Grappa Ambrata is obtained from the discontinuous distillation in stills in bain-marie, vinifying pomaces from Cannonau selected grapes, which are then enriched by the treatment with fine oak. The result is a warm, soft, enveloping and penetrating spiced aroma, and a smell of dried fruit. Perfect at the end of a meal or simply to slow-taste for pleasure, it should be served at room temperature, possibly warmed by your palm of the hand, which enriches all its pleasant nuances and characteristics.

GENTLE - Moscato Passito Grappa from CagliarI

Distillation Technique: Moscato Passito Grappa is obtained from discontinuous indirect steam distillation in stills in bainmarie, vinifying pomaces from selected grapes of Moscato from Cagliari and further refined in infusion with raisins.
soft, aromatic, with strong smell of raisins, dried fruit and star anise.
Alcoholic Content:
38%/Volume – 50 cl
Best Served:
8-10° C
Description: Best served at the end of a meal or tasting liqueur, to be served at room temperature, possibly warmed up by the palm of your hand to taste all its pleasant nuances and characteristics. This grape enhances the taste of raisins, accompanied by strong flavors of dried fruit and star anise. The ideal compendium to a dinner with true friends or for an after dinner soire’e. Suggested for refined palates looking for enveloping flavors.

42,50 €

WILD - Myrtle Bitter Liqueur

23,80 €

Distillation Technique: obtained by cold macerating whole fruits of Mirto from Sardinia.
Flavor: notes of cinchona and licorice melting in a precious elisir awaking
your senses.
Alcoholic Content: 28%/Volume – 50 cl
Best Served: 8-10° C
Description:The ideal liqueur to celebrate your life-lasting moments, allowing to be surrounded by the scent of typical Sardinian aromas. This bitter liqueur is an invitation to lose yourself in the Mediterranean maquis, uniquely driven by the notes of cinchona and licorice, melting in a precious elisir awaking your senses.

Intriguing - Licorice Liqueur

Distillation Technique: cold mixing of natural concentrated extract of licorice and alcohol
Flavor: soft, aromatic and with strong smell of licorice and star anise.
Alcoholic Content: 25%/Volume – 50 cl
Best Served: 4-8° C

Description:  Even though licorice is not a typically Sardinian product, we choose to work this natural ingredient to offer an exquisite and highly valuable product. We use the highest quality licorice root concentrate, coming from Calabria region.
Intrigante - Liquore di Liquirizia

21,70 €

INTENSE - Myrtle Liqueur

Intenso - Liquore di Mirto

21.70€ 17.36€

Distillation Technique: Liqueur of intense flavor and aroma, obtained by refining with sucrose a hydroalcoholic solution of infusion coming from cold macerating whole fruits of Sardinia’s Mirto.
Flavor: pleasant, aromatic
Alcoholic Content: 28%/Volume – 50 cl
Best Served: 8-10° C

Description: This liqueur with intense flavors and aromas, and has been obtained by refining with sucrose a hydroalcoholic solution of infusion coming from cold macerating whole chosen and mature fruits of Sardinian Myrtle. Excellent digestive, to be served after a meal or during get-togethers with friends at room temperature. The color is dark red and its scent is strong, of Mediterranean maquis and forest myrtle. Taste: pleasant, aromatic, soft and firm.

MIX NERO AMBRA - All the flavors of Sardinia

The Nero Ambra Mix is ​​ideal for enjoying all the flavors and aromas that our products offer. Excellent gift for enthusiasts and for lovers of quality grappas and liqueurs.

190,00 € € 170,00 €

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